Dallas Child Custody Lawyers

Take the necessary steps to create a constructive child custody arrangement by working with our Dallas child custody lawyers. We are Jim Ross Law Group, and our team of experienced attorneys work with clients to help them address all areas of divorce, including child custody.

Divorcing spouses need to figure out how they want to co-parent and then create an agreement that reflects that. As your child custody lawyers in Dallas TX, we not only know what sort of things a family court judge is looking for in an agreement but we also have been doing this long enough to know what measures are most advantageous for children involved.

We will leverage this knowledge to help you create an agreement that a judge will sign off on and also one that will put your children in the best position to grow and thrive in the future.


Looking for help from seasoned Dallas child custody lawyers?

Child custody disputes come in many forms. Child custody is not an issue that comes up solely in divorces, either. Here at Jim Ross Law Group, we have child custody lawyers in Dallas TX that have navigated a wide variety of cases. We can work with you to:

  • Establish a child custody agreement. This is where we work with new or separating parents to determine parental roles. We’ll walk you through each form of custody and how it might benefit your situation.
  • Modify an existing child custody agreement. When an agreement is in place, it’s not set in stone. However, in order to make modifications to your existing agreement, it does take some heavy legal lifting. Our Dallas child custody lawyers can file your petition and explain to the court why the established agreement needs to change.
  • Take emergency action. If a child is in a dangerous situation, it’s important that the courts move fast to remove them from that environment. Our team will work with you if you have emergency child custody needs.

Through it all, our Dallas child custody lawyers focus on one thing: The best interests of your children. We advocate for children to make sure their voice is heard throughout this process. Connect with our team right now and tell us about your child custody needs. We can provide you with insight to help you move forward with the process.